Roses are red, but life is not blue…

A very entertaining way to solve problems which seems hard otherwise…

A Simple Search…

Such an impressive way of handling hard problems in geometry!

Temmuz ayının sorusu ile karşınızdayız.

Bu makalede Temmuz ayının sorusunun çözümünü inceleyeceğiz.

Two outstanding solutions in a mindblowing competition: International Mathematical Olympiad

Let’s learn about the concept of directed angles which enables us to write much shorter solutions.

How does this geometry work? Have you ever thought about that? Well, there are pretty much theorems and axioms that helps Euclidean geometry work. Stewart’s Theorem is one of them. Let’s learn what it is!



If you are trying to understand trigonometry you should definitely read this. This theorem is a commonly used trick for some problems that require pretty genius and creative geometric problems.

The Law of Cosines

Ceren Şahin

Co-founder at Betamat, YGA volunteer, table tennis passionate, web developer and a curious coder.

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